"Vertical farms are poised to capitalise on a $50 billion market opportunity"

Barclays Capital

Here at Agventure Farms we are on a mission to revolutionise the agriculture sector; our goal is to change the way food is produced and distributed. We believe that our vertical farms can address most environmental concerns caused by conventional agriculture, ultimately bringing forth a better future for everyone.

Agventure Farms plans to roll out at least eight vertical farms over the next three years. Our first vertical farm will be located close to London, followed swiftly by our Manchester location which will serve the North of England. We will then look to scale rapidly throughout Europe with plans to build vertical farms in key cities such as Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt, Oslo and Stockholm.

 It is our belief that an investment in Agventure Farms has the potential to achieve significant returns for investors. We feel that the long-term fundamentals are strong and can only improve as technological advances continue to reduce capex and increase profit margins. In these troubled economic times its more important than ever to focus on defensive investment opportunities. regardless of the macro-economic climate people still need to eat, thus ensuring consistent demand for our produce. In addition, consumers are becoming ever more selective and conscious of the provenance of their food, demanding fresher, tastier and healthier produce all of which bodes well for our ability to aggressively capture market share.  

We are now inviting investors to participate in this journey and are happy to announce that we have received advanced assurance from HMRC, confirming that any investments made in our company will be able to take advantage of the tax reliefs offered by the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) & the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).