At Agventure Farms we feel that vertical farming represents the future of sustainable agriculture. For us, sustainable is not simply a buzz word but rather the driving force behind our core values. In 2015 the United Nations set out a series of goals to protect our planet, end poverty and provide a better future for all by 2030. These sustainable development goals (SDGs) consist of 17 different objectives. We believe that vertical farming meets many of these objectives and we will strive for continued improvement in each of these areas.

Very little contributes to good health and well being more than a healthy a diet. We provide consumers with nutrient rich produce free from the dangers of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides & chemicals.

Conventional farming uses 70% of our global freshwater supplies each year. Our advanced hydroponic growing method recirculates water and results in using 90% less water compared to traditional farming methods.

We plan for all of our vertical farms to be 100% solar powered by 2025. Even the electric vehicles we use for delivering our produce will derive their power from our solar installations.

Continued research and development is a key component of our business as we constantly seek to innovate and optimise. We are always looking for the most sustainable and efficient solutions.

It is estimated that by 2030 80% of the world’s population will live in cities. As our farms have a very small footprint they will be located in or near cities. 

The resources of our planet are finite, we are proud to use them conscientiously. Compared to traditional farms we use  95% less land, 90% less water and produce 80 times more food per sqm. 

Our vertical farms emit no CO2 emissions, in addition as we are located close to the end consumer food transport miles are dramatically reduced.



Modern agriculture continues to damage ecosystems around the world and destroy land. Moving production indoors allows land to recover from decades of over-farming.