Our Techologies

We have spent the last 18 months conducting extensive research and development in an effort to design the worlds most advanced vertical farm. The vertical farm sector is still in its relative infancy, however recent years have seen significant technological advances which individually and collectively serve to make vertical farming not just commercially viable but also very profitable. Our primary goals in designing the vertical farm systems where two fold, firstly to increase profitability and secondly to make the whole process as environmentally friendly as possible.



Industrial Pipe.H02.2k

Closed Loop Water & Nutrient Delivery

Our automatic watering and nutrient delivery system provides our plants with exactly what they need to grow, when they need it. The water and nutrient mix is pumped from our auto dosing sump tanks and circulates throughout each NFT channel, being a closed loop system there is no wastage enabling us to grow crops using 95% less water than conventional farming methods.

Spot Robot with Gripper.H03.2k

Automated Robotic System

Our vertical farms utilise the latest robotic technologies allowing for the majority of our systems to be fully automated, This increases operating efficiencies, reduces labour costs and significantly reduces the potential for human error. One of the key  benefits of the system automation is the ability to place and remove our growing trays, this is especially useful at higher levels as it eliminates the need for staff to use scissor lifts to access these levels which both saves times and makes for a safer working environment. 

Solar Cell.G03.2k

Solar Powered Energy Generation

Our first vertical farm will  attain 25% of its energy needs from solar power. Our aim is for all of our vertical farms to be 100% solar powered by 2025. Recent breakthroughs in solar technology offer efficiency increases of up to 30%. This will be a game changer for the entire vertical farm industry as electricity represents a sizeable portion of production costs. These technologies are still a year or so away from commercial availability, but with solar panel costs continuing  to rapidly decline we will be able to significantly reduce both capex and operating costs going forward.

Batten Wash Light.G01.2k

Intelligent LED Lighting

Our vertical farms use Phillips Greenpower LED lighting. These LED lights are specifically designed for horticulture applications. The advantages of these lights includes, shorter growth cycles, increased yields and reduced energy use. Light spectrum’s emitted can be precisely tailored for each crop type, allowing us to create the light recipes which provide each crop with the ideal light range to promote growth. 

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Intelligent Data & Monitoring

We collect about 1500 unique sensor readings every ten minutes, our sensors are able to measure many conditions including climate, plant temperature, nutrient composition, light level and spectrum and plant growth. In addition to measuring growth conditions we can also measure growth results and capture valuable data such as plant size, height, weight and colour. We analyse data each plant cycle with the view to identifying  the best  growing conditions and thus increasing yields and quality.

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Full Climate Control

All aspects of our vertical farms climate can be easily controlled by our climate management software, which can be accessed from a tablet  allowing our plant technicians to make instantaneous changes where required. Full control over these systems allows us to provide the perfect indoor growing climate for our crops at all times.